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IPMC Health Walk, a Synopsis by the CEO

If we want to describe last Saturday’s IPMC Corporate Health walk in 3 words then it was simply “Lots of fun”. Meeting each other in a non-work environment was a different experience entirely. For those of us who came from different IPMC offices and met each other for the first time, it was an opportunity for introduction. For others who met after a long time, it was a renewal of their relationship, and even for those who meet each other every day, it was an occasion to further their bond outside daily routines.

Chanting Halleluiah together during the 5km walk and run led by our very own dynamic group (Alfred, Andrews, Mensah, Dennis, Bismarck, Felix, Sandhu, Rashid, Emmanuel, James, Abukiri, Ibrahim, Felix, Benard, Gopinath, and others) gave us that feeling of togetherness which we all long for even in our families. Some of us who trailed behind will recollect the encouragement received from our Enterprise Sales Head and Ghana’s Cricket team coach Mr Bhupinder Singh displaying his sportsman spirit to ensure he took everyone along and we arrive at the finish line side by side. The sprint and stamina test at the end of the walk surprised many when even some seemingly heavier weights were found to be leading. Whole hearted participation in the aerobics session to the stimulating Ghanaian beats allowed us all to open up and share laughter with one another while comically attempting to mimic the instructor’s moves. On one hand the strenuous exercises led by Coach Enoch alongside with Bharat and Parul gave us the motivation to keep ourselves physically fit, and on the other hand the corporate games organized by Suchak and Priyanka tested our wit and ability to think smarter.

The drum and wooden plank game showed us how to choose the right tools in achieving our task and how easily we can achieve them if we work as one team. The balloon and pin game brought out the inner kid in us while we ran all over the national football field in order to save our balloon. In the end we did learn the importance of laying all our focus on caring and protecting our own customer (the balloon we hugged so dearly), rather than jumping onto our colleague’s own.

The very unexpected penalty goal by Gifty Asiedu after all her teammates failed to score in the penalty shootouts, showed us that each one of us possesses the capability to achieve tasks which we ourselves may sometimes think that we cannot achieve. Similar to this was the small-in-body but strong willed AnkitKatiyar’s strenuous efforts to match his more flexible and stronger teammates jumping in and out of the drums. Those instances proved to us that we can become a better and stronger person as soon as we decide to tackle the hardships confronting us.

Of course there is always a need to exercise caution, but the undying spirit of Sheila Brown who in spite of her pregnancy came to walk and run with us was remarkable. Her slippage on the ground while hitting a penalty shot could have been a low light and we should remain careful of such mishaps in future. No doubts however that we are expecting a strong baby and upcoming football star from Sheila in the coming few months! 
The closing of our Health Walk event wherein Ghana defeated India by 2-0 in the IPMC in-house football world cup was an unprecedented entertainment with Transport head Alfred Sowah choosing to be India’s goal keeper, Ghana’s forward led by Mohammed Ibrahim, and how can we forget the permanently posted Indian offsidesPrabhdeep& Mukesh who ensured they stood with Ghana’s goal keeper Emmanuel Issah at all times whether chatting or attempting to score unsuccessful goals!

 Kudos to our background stars Felicia, Thomas, Mensah, Andrew, Dennis, ESS &Sandhu’s Team, Richard, Suchak, Bismark who ensured the minutest details of the event were arranged to perfection including name tags, serving of tasty meals, anchoring, timely completion of each event, proper logistics and more. A special thanks to Priyanka and her diligent assistant Miriam who planned and managed this event from the beginning to end. Their creativity and efforts made our day so enjoyable. Furthermore, each one of us who participated certainly deserves to be called an IPMC star. Those of us who experienced this wonderful day 05-Sept-2014, know it through the Exhaustion, Entertainment & Rejuvenation received by our minds and bodies which lingered on through the weekend leaving memories of an experience full of fun & frolic.

Don’t forget to keep yourself toned through a minimum of 3 to 4 weekly exercise sessions and let us test our stamina again after a period of 3 months. Anyone who missed out is welcome to join the next time.


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Ghana’s top IT firm, IPMC has signed a partnership agreement with China's leading Telecom conglomerate, Huawei Technologies.

Under this strategic agreement, Huawei will use IPMC for software development in some of their West Africa regional contracts.

Huawei technologies also signed up IPMC as their solutions partner for West Africa specifically, Ghana. The signing ceremony took place in Beijing recently.

IPMC used Huawei devices such as W1 windows phone as part of their mobile based unified communication Microsoft Lync solution.

Huawei technical training center is also working on details to promote Mobile apps development within the student body of IPMC.
Speaking at the event, the Vice President of Huawei Mr. Wan Biao acknowledged IPMC's leadership in West Africa and the company’s contribution to ICT development.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer of IPMC, Amardeep S. Hari reiterated his commitment to the continuing acceptability of Huawei products in West Africa and specifically on the Ghanaian market.
He appreciated the fact that from its humble beginnings, Huawei in this competitive environment had turned itself into a Global leader of ICT and Telecom solutions.

“At IPMC, we also believe in celebrating the achievement of Ghanaians by highlighting their bright successes on the global stage”.

He announced: “We are also happy to announce that Miss world 2nd runner-up NaaOkaikey shooter was signed on by IPMC Ghana to promote Huawei phones”.

Huawei, a world leader in telecom solutions has also set up their expertise in Data center solutions such as Servers, Storage, Enterprise Networks, Video Conferencing, among others


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Trustee Services Limited

Smart Technology Investments Improve Communication and Productivity while Reducing Costs

Introduction:IPMC provided an end to end all-in-one HD Video Conferencing  Solution - Huawei TE30 to TSL. TSL took advantage of video conferencing solution which provides their employees with internet-based collaboration tools that could be accessed regardless of any location and any device.

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