Application Services

Harness the power of our expert application development and management services to take your business to the next level. With ever growing technology needs, our application services, tailor made to suit your requirements, ensure that you are able to share data and remain connected in a swift, secure way.

Application Services

Application Development

Developing a custom cut application for a client is always a welcoming experience for us. Combining our expertise of years and advanced solutions by Microsoft and Oracle, our Application Development services are all about crafting secure, flexible, performance oriented applications that provide seamless business platforms.

Enterprise Business Solutions

Organizations, big or small, need a centralized platform to manage their business and distribute data and information within the organization as well as outside it. Due to the business structures growing complex and data laden with each passing day, it becomes difficult to integrate and support the IT elements. With our expert solutions, you can leverage the best out of your resources while creating an improved and efficient workflow.


With our versatile Enterprise Resource Planning software, we can organize and integrate your big data and workflow system onto a unified platform so that your output reflects excellence, while being easily managed.

Our ERP software has helped companies go global by managing their operations from a single location. At IPMC, we combine the resources of global leaders in ERP technology with our expertise to provide services that allow you to accumulate, store, manage and analyze data the way you want.

Some of the features of our ERP include:

  • Sales/Customer Relationship Management: Powered by the global leaders in enterprise applications such as Oracle, Microsoft and Tally, you can be assured of our software resourcefulness. It is updated constantly to accommodate all the latest technologies and features.
  • Internet Based ERP Software: It’s 3 tier structure allows you to deploy it on any form of net connection enabling your employees to stay connected and work from anywhere.
  • Customizable According to Your Needs: You can customize our ERP software inbuilt features to make it compatible with your organization or user’s requirements.
  • User Oriented: An intuitive design and easy workflow makes it an easy to learn software for your employees.
  • Large Number of Standard and Vertical Specific Modules: The standard modules in our ERP software can be customized as per your business needs. The vertical specific modules help you with vertical segment. Instead of depending on various applications, you can add more functionalities in the software as your business grows and your needs increase.
  • A Global Software: Our ERP software can transcend the limitations due to geographical locations so that your business can go global. It supports a number of languages, currencies, and location settings.
  • Automated Workflow: The automated workflow not only fastens your process but also gives you customizing options thus adapting itself to your business needs.
  • Third Party Application Integration: You can integrate your existing or new applications with third party applications to maximize performance.

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