IT Infrastructure Services

The need for a powerful IT infrastructure is inevitable today. It drives your business and fuels your growth. With our steadfast infrastructure services, we ensure that your business continues to grow unbound. IPMC’s infrastructure services include planning, designing, executing and managing your IT infrastructure in innovative and robust ways to counter all IT challenges.

IT Infrastructure Services

Our Services

At IPMC, it’s the constant urge to deliver high standard infrastructure services that fuel our existence. The services are designed in a way that not only improves your operational efficiency, but also cuts down costs for IT maintenance while boosting end-user satisfaction.

  • Cloud/ Computing Services: Providing secure and scalable cloud and computing services, we help manage your virtual space and data centre.
  • IT Management Consulting: Our experience and in depth knowledge in IT management can help you take optimum decisions and craft profitable strategies.
  • Infrastructure Security: Expand your infrastructural ventures while we take care of the security cover and neutralize risks and threats.
  • Networking Infrastructure and Services: Simplifying network infrastructure to accommodate all the communication needs of your virtual workforce.
  • Data Center Management: Creating a secure data center to synchronize all your data systems. We manage your entire data center including server and computer operations, data security, quality management, and provide services as specialized as disaster recovery.
  • Workplace Transformation: Tailoring and upgrading workplace essentials to make your work environment more productive, collaborative and responsive.
  • IT Service Desk: Addressing all the daunting IT infrastructure issues that can hamper your workplace functionality. IPMC’s service desk acts as a single point of contact for all your IT infrastructure concerns, saving your precious time.
  • End-User Computing: Developing, executing and optimizing automated technology models that propel your business value and increase the efficiency of your operations. Reduce cost, improve agility and save time.

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