IT Training

IPMC is dedicated to building the future of a powerful, self dependent Africa; a power that comes from knowledge and highly skilled indigenous workforce. Working in this direction, it established the IPMC College of Technology, Ghana’s no. 1 IT training institute, in 1992 to shape and hone the country’s future IT leaders and experts.

IT Training

With decades of experience in imparting quality, industry oriented knowledge and training, some of the salient features of IPMC’s IT training institute are:

More than 80,000 professionals groomed and trained in over 20 disciplines ranging from professional courses in IT and business to corporate training programs.

Courses and training programs run across Ghana in 16 sophisticated corporate owned centers.

Curriculum and courses structured in a way that cover a wide array of learners. From beginners to experts, from school students to business professionals.

Over 45 globally reputed partner companies for strategic engagement including HP, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle.

Quality education that is heavily driven by constant upgrades to match up with contemporary needs and industry exposure.

Strong and well settled alumni base that guides the subsequent batches with placements and industry support.

IPMC’s training center has been delivering the finest standards of IT and business education in Ghana, a thought well supported by the national award committees that has lead to various awards and accolades to us.

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