As your business grows and operating areas diversify, so do the security threats. A smart security solutions provider will not only guard your critical IT infrastructure but also assess your vulnerable areas and devise a suitable threat-combat plan.


Security, the IPMC Way

At IPMC, we don’t only believe in protecting your valuable resources but go a step further to build threat management strategies with a detailed focus on vulnerable areas before the disaster strikes.

Our comprehensive security services include:

  • Technical Consulting: Consultations can’t be generic for every enterprise. You need a firm which understands your unique policies and structure, and assesses the risks or damages that your business is vulnerable to.
  • Network: Complete network security solutions to regulate unauthorized access and misuse through robust protocols.
  • Data and Information: Protecting your valuable database from unwanted threats that arise from illicit access and attacks.
  • End-Point: Security for each computing device on your network chain through a robust centralized security program to guard it from remote access threats.
  • Data Center: Safeguarding the mainstay of your organization by guarding physical and virtual data, vital to your functioning, round the clock.
  • Physical: Smart and intelligent network-centric physical security solutions that take care of your workforce. In short, they preserve the pulse of your business.

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