why IPMC

A leader in IT solutions and services, IPMC represents an emerging and progressive West Africa. Over the decades, it has risen to be one of the top businesses in Ghana with a continuous drive to provide avant-garde services and solutions.

With a 600+ workforce and footprints at 19 locations, IPMC is the epicenter of IT infrastructure growth throughout West Africa. It facilitates consolidated connection and tech implementation for a diverse customer base, including more than 8,000 businesses.

IPMC believes in transcending the corporate relationship with its clients to create an understanding which is not just profound but also meaningful.

Out of all the qualities that shape our identity, these few are really ingrained in us:


We have led change and innovation across West Africa and evolved to become the IT leaders of the area.

Our work principles are built on integrity, both towards our client commitments and projects, allowing us to deliver services and products beyond expectations.

Our entire workflow is based on a systematic approach and efficient protocols.

Excellence drives our efforts. With our dedicated expert teams, we ensure our services and solutions provide deliverables of highest standard.

At IPMC, we foster the idea of growing together. We believe in learning and sharing whatever knowledge we possess. Through our IT training centers, we aim to create the beautiful Ghana of the future.

Our workflow framework is a high standard model that has been devised to set benchmarks in the industry. The input, control factors, management and output - each of these stages go through a strict quality check, making way for the brilliance that defines our services and solutions.

our achievement

More than anything, it’s your appreciation and trust in us that keeps us pushing for new, challenging milestones. That’s the best award we can ever wish for. However, every now and then, we do get accolades and recognition from various reputed organizations.


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